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General FAQ

What programs do you use for making art?
Goat’s blood and the souls of my enemies. Also, Photoshop. Occasionally I use Illustrator.

What did you study in university?
Witchcraft and a minor in hexes and necromancy. Also, Visual Communication.

Can I share your art around?
Whether it be in the Interwebz or IRL, as long as proper credit is given, I’m usually cool with it. But I would love a heads up please.

Can I have a tattoo made of your art?
Often, I’m fine with it. So please ask as well. And be specific please.

Do you have a shop?
Yep. I’ve a Society6. Click here please. 

Why isn’t this and that art piece available in your shop?
I don’t put some pieces in my shop until they’re print-ready or print-worthy. Meaning, I have to still fix it up to a good resolution and quality for you before I can sell it or I don’t put it in my shop because I never felt that it was exactly worth selling.



What Is?
The Burton X PKMN Project is my side project in which I re-imagine Pokemon but heavily inspired by the art and work of all things Tim Burton. 

No real reason. It’s fun. I wanted a fun project. Also, I’m a massive fan of Tim Burton and Pokémon. And mean no offense to fans of both who don’t particularly agree with this project.

Magic and the power of friendship.

What program do you use?
Photoshop fo evah.

How many Pokémon are you doing?
For now, I am planning only to do all of the original 151 from the Kanto Region. From Bulbasaur to Mew. The first generation of Pokémon.

Are you planning on doing this Pokemon or that Pokemon?
If the Pokémon is not part of the first 151 Pokémon, then I’ve no plans in doing it. Not yet anyway.

Can I persuade you to do the rest of the Pokemon after #151?
You can try. I’m still considering pushing through, but I still don’t know. For now I focus on the 151.

Where’s the Pokemon?
Please be patient. I try to post as often as I can. When I don’t it means I’m busy. But I’m not gonna give up on this project. 

For further questions, please don’t be shy and send me a Tumblr Ask or send me a message to