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The Yogscast held a shirt design contest a while back. I joined because I am Dave!Yognaught and aside from having the balls, I also wanted to win an iPad, in all honesty. Don’t judge me for being an Apple whore! (He wrote on Tumblr with his Macbook.)

Anyway, I got runner up and I won a Steam game. I chose to get Tiny & Big: Grandpa’s Leftovers. Because that game is uber pretty and the soundtrack… Oh, the soundtrack. Also lazers! My other choice was Orcs Must Die 2, but it wasn’t available for Mac. Ah, well. No regrets, just cutting up buildings with lazers!

They also included my shirt designs in their shop:

Anyway, my shirt designs appear in one of their recent videos at about 9:10 - 9:32. And, I’m not gonna lie. I made squealy fanboy sounds when Simon and Lewis started talking about my designs.

I’m setting up my shop as well. Yes, I will be selling prints. And T-shirts would be great, but I may need to fix up the Pokemans for shirt printing first. I’ll keep you guys posted!

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    AAAHHH Inkraphel was one of my favorite designs!
  5. elasmosaurus said: I loved your designs! I was watching the video (I love the Yogscast) and when I saw your art and name come up I was like “wait- hatboy? haaatboy??? Niiice.”
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