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The Orphanage {2012 - 2013}

"The Elsabeth Grinn Home for the Peculiar and the Unwanted, a place as strange and as sinister as its children."

Above are some of the 100 cards I made for The Orphanage, a card set for Neonmob. Respectively from right to left is Collin Lilikoi, Esme Bavelier, Loraine Eeley, and Fredrik Jorwik. Each child has a story and a personality and I hope I communicated that well enough through each character design. I really enjoyed making this set. It’s one of the coolest projects I’ve ever been commissioned to do.

Anyway so I really like ghost stories or eerie tales in general. It’s actually one of the creative factors that helped me develop this set. 

And I thought I’d do a bit of a collaboration with you guys! So here’s what we’ll do, you go and collect some cards of The Orphanage set. And the challenge is, for you come up with a short story involving some of the children you’ve collected.

Link me to your story, and the best stories will be illustrated by me. Collaborate with me please! Should be fun! This is also my attempt to induce the spirit of the pumpkin king into your bones. It’s October! Halloween draws nigh.

And actually, Renee Ya, a blogger, already wrote something involving my characters. It’s pretty cool. She told the story of a dream she recently had and some of my characters made a cameo. Haha! Read it here.

Also, I’ve written about the background of the Orphanage here if you want to read it.

All hail the pumpkin king!

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